Bowl Show


  • January – Gobies and Anabantoidei except Betta splendens.
  • February – Betta splendens male & female judged separately and Rainbow Fish
  • March – Guppies in pairs and Old World Cichlids
  • April – Auction, no bowl show
  • May – Mollies, Platies, and Swordtails in pairs
  • June – Aquatic Plants and New World Cichlids
  • July – Rasbora, Barbs, and other Cyprinids plus Killifish
  • August – Characins, Catfish and Loaches
  • September – Goldfish and Odd Live bearers in pairs
  • October – Non Vertebrates, Aquatic Animals, Amphibians, Aquatic Reptiles, and Oddball fish not listed
  • November – Show and Auction, no bowl show
  • December – Marine Fish, Native Fish, and Xmas Fish Art

Bowl Show Awards

In the bowl show there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards within each category. If there is more than one category there is also a Best of Show award.

Each member who shows gets 5 raffle tickets. More than one entry does not obtain any additional tickets.

Bowl Show Rules and Regulations:

The container must be flat sided, clear, and appropriate to the size of the fish. It must be undecorated.

The exhibitor must fill out the standard show Bowl Show Form.