Grow Out Contest

Each year the club holds a grow out contest. Early in the year the club buys a group of young fish of one species, usually enough for twenty members to have 6 fish each.

The fish are offered to member who pay an entry fee, the amount may vary from year to year. The entry fee will be returned to each contestant who brings back at least one live fish to enter in the SDTFS Annual Aquarium show in the following November.

At the show, the fish will be judged, and the winner or winners will be decided.


  1. Members earn one point for each fish brought back and exhibited in the show.
  2. Each individual fish is judged on a 1 to 10 scale of merit.
  3. A total of four prizes will be awarded.
  4. One prize is awarded to the biggest/nicest/best fish.
  5. First, second and third prizes are awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best groups of fish – according to total point counts.


The fish in the grow out contest for 2017 will be Panda Cory’s The fee is $10 for 4.


The fish in the grow out contest for 2016 will be the Emperor Kerri Tetra. The fee is $10 for 3.


This year the fish are Dwarf Neon Blue Rainbows – 6 for $10


The fish were Koi Angelfish.


That year the fish were Kribensis – pelvicachromis pulcher – 4 for $10