2013 Meeting Schedule

January 13 – Trophies / Information on the Annual Grow Out Contest and the selected fish. Our speaker will be Charles Pratt with slides and videos of Angelfish, Bettas, Guppys and more. We will discuss care and breeding of several varieties of fish.

February 10 – Paul Curtis – Filtration and possibly one other topic. Hand out for grow out fish.

March 10 – Pat Carolan on Cichlids.

April 14 – Spring Auction.

May 12 – A ‘Back to Basics’ panel

June 9 – Ron Harlan  – Talking about a collecting trip in Peru.

Dr. Ron Harlan can trace his interest in tropical fish to his childhood in Rangoon, Burma.  He helped a family friend, U Cho, drag a seine through streams and collect tropical fish.  He joined the American Killifish Association in 1965 and was a member of the BAKA during his high school years when he lived in a bedroom containing 35 species of killies and dwarf cichlids.  More recently he had been the resident Rivulus expert in the Southern California Killi Club and keeps a slightly more modest number of species.  Professionally, Ron was a biology faculty member, department chairman, and Dean of Instruction at Glendale College for 33 years before retiring in 2011. He is the owner of Back to Nature Filtration founded in 1985 and still provides affordable reverse osmosis to the tropical fish and orchid hobbyist. Ron has led 6 trips into the Peruvian Amazon as well as collecting in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Bolivia.

This month Ron will take you along on “Trip of a Lifetime up the Rio Tigre”. Ron Harlan and his collecting buddy, Tom Wilkinson, signed on for a Peruvian riverboat-collecting trip with 10 other collectors.  This is about what happened when the 10 others cancelled and Ron and Tom had the boat with a crew of 8 to take them wherever they wanted.

July 14 – Rich Bireley – Introduction to Catfish

Rich will lightly cover Corydoras, Synodontis, Loricarids, and big cats. Rich grew up in San Diego and has been keeping fish for decades. He currently has a 2,000 square foot fish building and about 120 tanks. Rich likes large tanks and has several 240 gallon and larger, including his newest, a 1,000 gallon Plexiglas aquarium. Rich keeps rainbows, livebearers, cichlids, catfish, and well, lots of fish. Rich lives on a ranch outside of Sacramento with his wife, daughter, dogs, horses, alpacas, honey bees, wildlife, and fish.

August 11 – Bob Fenner – Reacclimation / isolation of fish.

September 8 – Armand Barilotti – Collecting trip from Uruguay.

October 13 – David Huie – November Show Tank setup information.

November 2 & 3 – Annual Show including presentation of the Grow Out Contest Fish.

November 10 – Bi-Annual Large Auction – You can bring items from 5pm, and the auction starts at 6pm. Remember to fill out the Seller Item Listing

December 8 – Potluck, Awards, Elections, Raffle. The meeting consists of a pot luck dinner, each member brings a hot main course if they are single, or a hot main course with a dessert or appetizer if more than one. At the meeting there is also an optional gift exchange, you can bring a wrapped fish related gift under $10, and you get to pick a different one in a random drawing. Please see the Potluck Flyer.