2016 Meeting Schedule

Time and Place

Our public meetings are at 6:30 pm the second Sunday of each month in room 101 of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park.  Directions are here.  Please come join us.  We love to chat, and we have many experts in our club who are willing and able to answer your questions and help you advance your hobby, even if you’ve been keeping fish for 50 years!


Each regular meeting starts with a mini-auction. You can start registering the items at 6pm, and we try to start the auction at 6:30pm. If you are planning to sell items, please get here early, and fill out the Seller Item Listing form and label the bags before you arrive. This gives a better chance for other members to see the items, and note down what they are interested in.

Twice a year, instead of a speaker, the SDTFS have an enormous auction. This is usually April and November. Registration starts earlier, at 5pm for these. There are fish, plants, filters, tanks, stands, lighting, and sometimes even whole tank setups for sale.  It is one of our major fundraisers.

Only SDTFS members may buy and sell items. You can join when you arrive at the auction. Plan on bringing plenty of cash because we do not accept credit cards.

Click for detailed information on buying and selling in our auctions.

After the Auction

After the auction, we have a brief business meeting, followed by an interesting program on some aspect of the hobby. See below for the current schedule.

Then we break for coffee, doughnuts, and conversation.  After the break, we raffle off a table full of fish, plants, equipment, food, and even tanks!  We also have a bowl show that features a different aquatic category each month.


Dogs at Meetings

Dogs are welcome to the meeting, but please follow the rules below:

  • The dog must be held on a leash at all times.
  • Only one dog per family permitted.
  • If you bring a dog, you will be asked to sign a liability waver.
  • Anyone not observing the above rules will be asked to leave.


Monthly Programs

  • January 10th: A video on African Cichlids
  • February 14th: Bob Fenner – “The Three Sets of Factors that Determine Livestock Health”. Also the distribution of the Grow Out fish.
    • Last chance for this year to bring an item of clothing to have the SDTFS logo embroidered on it – plus $10 if you want your name on it too.
  • March 6th: (CHANGE OF DATE) Goldfish program by Mr. Nimitz
  • April 10th: Our large Spring Auction. See the Auctions page for information about buying and selling.
  • May 8th: Charles Pratt, Guppies as an art form.
  • June 12th: Fernando Nosratpour:  Recent Activities at Birch Aquarium at Scripps:    Seadragons, Tidewater Gobies and Corals
  • July 10th: Ron Harlan – All about our water
  • August 14th: Jack Allen – Planted Tanks
  • September 11th: Speaker will be Pat Carolan
  • October 9th:  The speakers will be David Huie about the November Show, and a hatchery slide show by Charles Pratt.
  • November 13th: The Fall Auction
  • December 11th: Annual Christmas Potluck 6pm Start – Christmas Potluck, Awards, Elections, Raffle. The meeting consists of a pot luck dinner, each member brings a hot main course if they are single, or a hot main course with a dessert or appetizer if more than one. At the meeting there is also an optional gift exchange, you can bring a wrapped fish related gift under $10, and you get to pick a different one in a random drawing.